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Vegan Smoothie Base

2 Reviews

Ideal to whip up in your kitchen at home and give your family and friends a novel smoothie that finally let's go of milk and ice-cream without compromising on creaminess and mouth feel.

We offer a nutritious meal substitute for those on-the-go or house bound customers, that excites with endless fruit combinations. Just 160 calories per serving (excludes fruit).

It's simple. Mix 1 scoop (40g) of Drinkscape Vegan Smoothie Mix with fruit of your choice, 100g ice & 100mL of water or juice for that extra flavour. Blend and serve.

Our 1kg bag provides a sizeable 25 servings.

Also ideal for slushie/granita machine use.

  • Packaging: 1kg Bag
  • Blend Serve: 40g
  • Gluten Free
  • Non-dairy
  • Vegan


Mix 1 scoop (40g) of Drinkscape™ Vegan Smoothie Base with 150g of your favourite fruit (fresh or frozen), 100g ice & 100ml of water. Blend and serve.

Alternatively, forego the fruit and add a natural flavoured syrup of your choice.

1kg bag makes approx. 25 smoothies

Also ideal for slushie/granita machines. In a clean bucket add 3 litres of water and 1 to 1.5kg of your favourite blended fruit or natural flavoured fruit syrup (subject to taste). Then add 1kg of Drinkscape™ Vegan Smoothie Base. Thoroughly blend ingredients together (we recommend using a stick blender) and let the mix sit for 10 minutes. Pour mix into slushie/granita machine and turn to freeze.


Coconut Powder, Coconut Sugar, Inulin, Xylitol, Dextrose Monohydrate, Emulsifier (Mono - and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids (Vegetable Source)), Guar Gum, Stabiliser (Carboxymethyl Cellulose), Stabiliser (Sodium Alginate), Salt.

Nutritional Information

Qty per 100g Qty per Serve Qty per 100ml
Energy (KJ) 1640 656 286
Calories 392 157 69
Protein (g) 14.6 6.6 2.9
Fat, Total (g) 8.4 3.4 1.5
Saturated Fat (g) 8 3.2 1.4
Carbohydrate, Total (g) 61 24.4 10.7
Sugars (g) 24.6 9.8 4.3
Sodium (mg) 7.12 2.8 1.3
*All quantities are averages for blender use


2 Posted Reviews

  •  Steph C  Aug 21, 2020 @ 1:33pm wrote:

    The vegan smoothie base is an absolute game changer for vegans! It's so delicious and creamy and works perfect with all kinds of fruit. I was recommended the base by a friend and reached out to the team with some questions and they were super helpful and fast with my order. Can't recommend enough!

  •  Dion P  Aug 05, 2020 @ 3:46pm wrote:

    I don't normally write reviews but I have finally found a smoothie that works for me. I experiment with different fruits and it always tastes great. They are gentle on my stomach, so it is a fantastic substitute from my regular milk based smoothies. These supercharged vegan smoothies allow me to get all the nutrients I need. They're quick and easy and allow me to start my day the right way!

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