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C5 Beverages is a family business established in 2016. We saw a gap in the market for premium beverage solutions for both retail and domestic use. With the ever-increasing demand for Dairy-Free & Non-Dairy products, a decision was made to focus our energy within this sector.

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We heard about how good this vegan smoothie product was from some of our friends and so we tried it and they were absolutely right, it is so good and we cant get enough of it. All our kids enjoy it and it is their favourite drink, they have fun making it and experiment with some great combinations of different fruits too. The kids love making it for us parents too and we secretly love that! Awesome C5 Beverages, its so easy to order and we love that creamy tasty vegan goodness.

Allan R

The vegan smoothie base is an absolute game changer for vegans! It's so delicious and creamy and works perfect with all kinds of fruit. I was recommended the base by a friend and reached out to the team with some questions and they were super helpful and fast with my order. Can't recommend enough!

Steph C

I don't normally write reviews but I have finally found a smoothie that works for me. I experiment with different fruits and it always tastes great. They are gentle on my stomach, so it is a fantastic substitute from my regular milk based smoothies. These supercharged vegan smoothies allow me to get all the nutrients I need. They're quick and easy and allow me to start my day the right way!

Dion P

Never did I think I'd find a lactose-free and gluten-free chocolate frappe that tastes so good. I no longer deal with the later regrets of having a frappe.

Andrew M

As a ritual now, I pre-make my Drinkscape chocolate frappe and keep it in the fridge at work as the perfect snack - I look forward to it as soon as I start my work day! The entire process is so simple and efficient, and the quality of the drink is better than you'll get at any store!

Stephanie M

The vegan smoothie base is perfect for all smoothie lovers. Having first tried this from a friend and Being one who is open to try something different, I'm glad I did. The great base has enhanced any fruit smoothie I have, and now can't have it without. The service team were more than happy to help and with a speedy delivery service you won't be waiting long after you order. A must for every fruit smoothie!

Mirella C