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Where can I buy Drinkscape™ Products?

Our products are currently sold exclusively through our website. We are however actively looking for national and international distributors!


Can I use these products at home?

Yes. Simply use your kitchen blender. See instructions here.


Can I use these products in retail?

Yes. These products can be blended or put into a slushie/granita machine. The granita machine is a great way to speed up the process of having the products ready to serve on tap!


Can these products be used in both a blender and a slushie machine?



How long can Is the shelf life on Drinkscape products?

All Drinkscape products have the best before date displayed on each individual packet.


Is there refined sugar inside Drinkscape Vegan Smoothie Base?

No. Drinkscape went to the great lengths to develop a natural product as natural as possible. Coconut sugar is used.


How much powder do I mix with Drinkscape Products?

If used in a blender, generally 1 scoop (40g). If used in a slushie/granita machine, follow the directions on the packet or simply click here.


When will my products arrive?

Your products will be dispatched the following business day after order. Please allow up to 5-10 business days to receive your order depending on your location. If for some reason your order has not arrived, please contact us at C5 Beverages.

Be sure to regularly check your email for notifications from Australia Post. (Also check your junk mail folder – just in case!)


Do Drinkscape products contain lactose?



Are Drinkscape products Gluten Free?



What if I need to return damaged goods?

If your order gets damaged during shipping, please email us a photo of the damaged goods to info@c5beverages.com.au

Please note, we cannot raise a claim if we do not receive a clear photo of the damaged goods.


What is the return policy on Drinkscape Products?

You can find our full returns policy here.


Where can I purchase a slushie machine?

Slushie machines can be purchased through our partners at SPM Drink Systems Australia. Click the below link to find out more!



Where can I purchase a commercial blender?

Hamilton Beach blenders can be purchased right here on C5 Beverages! Contact us on (02) 9316 7878


How can I contact C5 Beverages customer service team?

Email us at info@c5beverages.com.au
or phone us on (02) 9316 7878
Opening Hours: 8:00am – 4:00pm Monday to Friday.